Karen Schloer, CEO

Karen began her career with the Boys & Girls Club of Lancaster at the St. Joseph site in 1997. Since then, she has served as a Camp Counselor, Youth Program Worker, Clubhouse Director, Chief Operating Officer, and has been in the role of Chief Executive Officer since 2011. With a BA in Sociology from Millersville University and an MBA from Elizabethtown College, Karen’s skills and experience enhance and maximize the vision and operations of the Club. Under her leadership, the Club emerged from a challenging economic period with a balanced budget and elimination of debt. Karen is well known in the community she serves, both by residents and other community organizations. Her relationships have placed the organization in an ideal position for leveraging expertise and resources in the community.

Our Board of Directors are members of the community and have watched the Club grow and change over 80 years. With over forty years of dedication, our Board uses their backgrounds to advocate as a voice for the Club within the community and provide new insights into the future growth of the organization.

Boys & Girls Club of Lancaster Foundation
Board of Directors Officers
Scott Radcliffe, Chairman of the Board
Chris Markley, Treasurer

Board of Directors
Rob Evarts
Edgar L. Grove
Milton Hefft
Donald Horn
Tom Kennedy
Chris McMurtrie
Beverly R. Steinman
Boyer L. Veitch
Adrian Young, Esq.
S.R. Zimmerman, III

Boys & Girls Club of Lancaster
Board of Directors Officers

Joann Brayman, President
Wes Farmer, Ph.D., Vice President
Jerome Gottlieb, Vice President
Milton Hefft, Vice-President
Adam Althouse, Treasurer
W. Matthew Fairbanks, Secretary
Karen Schloer, Chief Executive Officer 

Board of Directors
Neil Albert
Ted Darcus
Matthew DiRienzo
Eliel Garcia
Brian A. Korman
Chris Markley
Joe Noll
Scott K. Radcliffe
Sukie Ramos-Suarez
Erin Sell
Chris Shehan

Life Members
Thomas F. Hinkle
Tom Kennedy
Christian E. McMurtrie
Clark McSparren, Jr.
Beverly R. Steinman
Boyer L. Veitch
S.R. Zimmerman, III

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